What are Tax Lien properties and how you can make money out of it?

Are you looking to invest in properties but don’t know where to start from. If yes, then buying a Tax Lien can be really worth the money. But you must be wondering what a tax lien property is?

Well, Tax Lien properties are those properties which the homeowners cannot maintain or has failed to pay taxes for a certain period of time. In this case, the local authorities slam the Lien, and the property cannot be sold or auctioned with clearing the existing tax amount.

The tax-lien certificate consists of the unpaid tax amount, interest and penalty. This certificate is auctioned to an investor who is willing to buy it. Now the major question is, how does an investor benefits from all these? Well, the investor makes money by collecting the interest amount from the homeowner. And if the owner fails to pay, then he the foreclose the interest and take the ownership of the property. Therefore, in every way it is a win-win situation for the investor. But before investing check the below pointers to avoid losses:

  • Make sure the building is there, and it is not destroyed. Supposed you paid $8000 for the property but later on, you found that the house is damaged. You can only recover a part of the investment that is the value of the land.
  • Check the records- Check if all the papers of the property are fine or not. Also, check if all the procedures were followed while levying the Tax Lien certificate.

But how to get hold of Tax Lien properties?

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If the properties and its papers are evaluated well, then it will definitely reduce the risk factor in investing in distressed properties.

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