Stop the eviction – Know how it is possible

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All of us love the apartment in which we are living. Being a tenant, some of you in your heart have a fear of losing it to the eviction. It seems that avoiding the eviction is quite easy, but for the full-proof assurance it equally necessary.

Let’s have a brief on what exactly eviction means

A simple meaning of eviction is that one is forcibly removing a tenant from his or her residence. It doesn’t mean that if you are having a personal clash with the landlord, he has the right to evict you from there. Eviction is only done when the tenant is responsible for breaching the terms of lease. Before evicting, one must have a documented justifiable reason.

Avoid the eviction

The process is simple, you just have to follow the terms of lease and make yourself safe from eviction. You will be agreeing with the fact that facing the eviction is the worst scenario one can have. It is a very costly affair, so it is better to avoid the situation for stopping an eviction.

Know about the 5-day notice

For your information, 5-day notice is a must thing one should know as it is a documented warning. Though, it is not considered as an official notice but one can go with this solution in case of eviction. In case, if someone has received 5-day notice, it means you can fix the condition. Take this notice very seriously as it may cause you to stand in the court. Normally, the landlord gives this notice so that the tenant pays the remaining rent.

The landlord has the complete right to take you to the court if the tenants don’t satisfy the requirements. At that time, the landlord has to submit all the required documentation. The judge is the one who will take the needed decision. If someone is not able to provide proper proof or there is some mistake in the paperwork, then there is the chance of dismissing the case. One can evict the tenant if all the paperwork is complete.

Till now, you have completely understood how to stop an eviction. Well, Evictiony is completely dedicated towards providing the help to the tenants against the eviction and help in paying the rent. Our team works toward stopping the eviction process and letting the people live a happy life ahead.