Option robot review

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As of today, Option Robot happens to be one of the most popular among the trading options based on binary options. This software for trading automation of binary options happens to the be first in its class among the leading online brokers such as Option500, Binary Online, 72Option, Stockpair and Greenfields capital. The software has been designed to provide up to six different technical indications which include Stock diagrams, trend and CCI indications. You will find a lot of scam software or trading who will often times put a mask on their inefficiency by putting a claim that they are in the use of some complex algorithm. People who end up using such scam software are often too late in discovering they that have actually ended up investing into a scam software which does not deliver the returns that it had promised. This article will provide you with a option robot review and touch upon some of its features including its advantages that you may find useful in making a choice of your trading platform

The use of Option Robot is not limited to the citizens of a specific country or just to some specific brokers. This is what makes it so easy for you to be able to use this this software in order to make trades from literally anywhere on the planet. One of the things that may strike you when you go to the sign-up page will be the lack of any overhyped marketing stuff. Quite unlike many automation platforms for trading in binary options, you will not be getting any expressed guarantees of earning over a million dollars merely by using the software. Instead of such false promises, the ye just provides you enough information about what it really is and how you can basically get started.

Option Robot is very easy to use. Though it is an automation software for trading in binary options, the very control mostly remains in the hands of the trader. The platform makes itself makes it very easy for you to be placing trades depending upon the trading strategy that you have chosen for yourself. You are also free to turn off the auto trade option, and it is very easy to do. In addition to all this, you can also customize this software into placing and exiting trades only at time intervals that have been predetermined. And even if you are not ready to start investing into the software used for trading of binary options, you will be glad to find out that Option Robot is absolutely free for you to use. Option Robot is not like the competing software where you are required to pay the entire money upfront even before you can start using them, Option Robot may be put to use by anyone who does or does not have the money deposited to their accounts to be used for trading.

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 The Option Robot software for trading of binary options has set itself out of the pack as one the very few legitimate platforms for trading automation that are available as of today. This is an industry where many people who create software try tricking traders into getting to buy very poor quality and scam products.  In such an industry, Option Robot does a very good job at focusing on credibility and transparency.

One of the naib shortcomings that you will be finding in a lot of common trading software is that they place some kinds of limits on the kind of the control the user has. This ends up meaning that the traders have to often land themselves in a situation where the provided so called complex algorithms are managing the entire span of the trading accounts. Option Robot does not place any limits that the user has on the amount of control that they need to have over their finances. It is actually very easy for the user to adjust the settings in the software so as to match your preferences in the style to match your trading style. The kinds of features that you get to have control over include amount of trading, expiry of trade and the ability to allow entry and exits of the trades by the software automatically.

It will not cost you a penny to try out Option Robot. In order to get started, all you need to do is creation of a new account.  Once you have completed this step, you will find a button which says TRY DEMO ACCOUNT in your user interface. Once you click on this button, it will direct you to a free account which has been initially already credited with one thousand dollars of virtual cash.

Compatibility within different brokers continues to be one of the biggest challenges that trades would like to overcome with the use of automation of options trading binary software. Option Robot software has the capability to be linked nice different options brokers for the binary, some of which are Stockpair, Opteck binary Tilt, Stockpair, BD Swiss, ZeusOption BinaryMate, Dinero Libre, and 10 Markets.

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Being getting to link all this software brings the brokers a lot of different advantages:

  • You able to make use of the software to bring automation of your trades from literally anywhere in the world. So, let us say that there is a specific broker who is not accepting trades from the country you are in, you can vert easily make a switch to a more accepting broker who is accepting trades from the country you are trying it from and also supports the interworking with the Option Robot software.
  • You can now have more refined control over the trades that include the trade amount in terms of its size and also the trade expiry periods.
  • You will not need to shut down your Option Robot account if you have to switch from one broker to the other.

So, this was our option robot review. Hopefully, this has touched on the most frequently asked questions that you may have when picking out a new platform.