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A couple of years back I found a youtube video about binary options and I was sold. The simplicity of this type of trading was something that really attracted me. But it turned out that making a profit was a little harder then I expected. I asked my friend Bart for some trading advise and soon after “I don’t remember how exactly” we started talking about launching a website. Combining Bart’s trading knowledge with my online marketing background. A lot has happend since then. Binary Options is a thing of the past and our website is now an authority in the industry. But one thing will always be the same. .. Fraud companies trying to deceive you and steal your money. Trading is risky enough already. So that why I’m dedicated to keep working on day and night to keep you up to date about the online trading industry. Selecting for you only the best brokers to choose from. Some personal details. I’m 36 years and my home town is Alkmaar in the Netherlands. I love to travel, meet new people and explore new places.