5 Ideas about selecting food to be served at your wedding

Are you about to get hitched? It’s a matter of enormous planning and investment before you send the guests the Save the Dates Houston notes as your wedding invitations. If you and your future spouse want to plan you it on your own without the help of any wedding planner- it’s not that complicated with strategic planning. Food is one of the most important things to consider when you’re asking guests to visit the celebrations. Hence, you should give it some time to visit restaurants and meeting chefs before selecting the one offering the finest deals on the catering for your wedding.

Let’s take a quick look about selecting the food that’ll be served at your wedding

Make a list of menu based on you & your partner’s choice

Adding some of the favorite cuisines of the bride and the bridegroom is essential in all weddings. You can also request the chef to prepare a bespoke menu for your wedding showcasing some of the gastronomic delights of you and your spouse. It’s essential to focus on a type such as Mediterranean, French, British, Continental or oriental menu or you can also mingle up accordingly to keep rooms open for the guests to pick from the menu.  

Select a chef wisely

Make sure, the chef you pick has extensive experience to serve for as many guests you’re expecting in your wedding. It could be excellent if you had the first date at his or her restaurant. As a mark of gratitude and remembering the date, you can make such a choice.

Opt for tasting

You should visit the chef for tasting all the dishes before you let them serve at your wedding. If you have any question regarding the spices or the overall taste, you can ask them to enhance it and make it up to your expectations. It’ll be a wise decision if you bring a friend with an excellent idea of gastronomy.

Don’t get overwhelmed by everyone’s choice

It’s preposterous to concentrate on everyone’s choice of dishes when you have to make a list of the menu or your wedding. Don’t get panicked and make a rash decision. Instead, focus on what you and your partner think to be right per the suggestions of the chef. Consider the contemporary platters served at weddings especially on nights or days whenever you have decided to have the party.

Stick to the budget

Finally, consider the budget and let the chef know about it before he/she makes the menu.