20 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Utility Bill

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Utility bills can be a real pain to have to pay each month. Unfortunately, if you have a home, condo, or apartment, these bills aren’t going away anytime soon. Utilities are a necessity for operating a home, fortunately, we have a few recommendations to help ease the pain you feel each month when the bill comes.

Here are 20 easy tips to reduce your utility bill that you can implement today:

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room

While this might seem like a no-brainer, it’s one that fails to be implemented in most homes. Make sure you get everyone in the household on board with flipping the switch off when they leave rooms.

  1. Wash clothes on cold instead of hot or warm

Cold water doesn’t require any additional electricity and is actually better for your clothes. It’s been said that hot water causes your clothes to lighten faster. #doublewin for you and your pockets!

  1. Change your air filters regularly

Neglecting to change your air filters on your HVAC system can cause you to use more electricity to power through the debris. Plus, it’s bad for your health. Get those changed out twice a year or if you can’t budget that, at least once.

  1. Handwash dishes instead of using the dishwasher

Dishwashers use a ton of hot water which means you’re paying for two utility bills: water + electricity. Handwash your dishes instead.

  1. Use plastic wrap around windows during the winter months

Windows that are not newer than 5 years old, typically let in excess air. This causes your furnace to use more electricity to keep your home warm. Plastic window wrap can be found at the dollar store or Walmart and is easy to install.

  1. In the summer, open your windows

Allowing your home to air out with the wind will save you from high air conditioning bills.

  1. Hang dry clothes as much as possible

Dryers use a lot of electricity to dry your clothes in a quick 30-40 minutes. Instead, hang your clothes up outside or in a room with an open window.

  1. Entertain your kids with activities, not the television

Kids need activities that are good for their sensory systems. Instead of using your electricity to power their sensory system, have them go outside, read, or color pictures.

  1. Buy energy efficient appliances
  2. Change light bulbs to energy efficient ones

Both of these are pretty much the same. They both use energy efficiency which will save you on excess electricity use.

  1. Turn off electronic devices that are plugged into an outlet

Similar to the television. Anything that is plugged in uses electricity. Instead, if you have electronic devices turned off – unplug them as well!

  1. If the air is on your blinds should be closed

Open blinds let in the sun. The sun warms your home which causes your air conditioner to use more electricity. Close the blinds if the air is on.

  1. Install dimmer light switches

Dimming your lights is similar to using energy efficient light bulbs – both save electricity!

  1. Upgrade your fridge or maintenance it

Your fridge is one of the highest used electric devices in a home. Make sure yours is in pristine condition so it’s not using excess electricity.

  1. Install solar panels or a windmill

This one costs a bit more upfront but if you can fork it out, then do it! It’ll save you in the long run.

  1. Use a timed thermostat

Set your thermostat to be warmer during the times you’re not home (air conditioning) or colder during the times your not home (heater).

  1. Turn your hot water heater off if you aren’t using it

Along with the fridge, the two biggest energy suckers in a home are water heaters and fridges. If you’re not using hot water, why not turn the heater switch off or as low as it can go. Turn it back up before you want to shower.

  1. Use door seals

Seal your doorways so you can eliminate air and heat from coming in and out because of open door cracks.

  1. Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans will help you move around the air and heat in your home. This helps you save electricity because your homes HVAC system won’t run as much.

  1. Upgrade your showerhead to one with more energy efficiency

Did you know you can purchase an energy star shower head? Cool, right! The shower head will help save you from using excess water during your showers.

If you’re moving into a new area, home, or neighborhood you may be able to contact your utility company and ask for a public utility record of the previous owner so you have an idea of what typical utility bills for that home may be.

In South Carolina, contact the South Carolina Public Service Commission to see if you are allowed a public utility record or not.